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Medicare medical consumables manufacturers and develops medical consumables at world standard and under sterile conditions for local and international demand.

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Medicare is a Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Medicare, has started to serve in the health sector by producing quality products that are safe and produced with the latest technology ,which has a dynamic and productive company structure, aims to offer quality, safe and economically competitive products to the market by determining the needs of the sector with its sales and marketing network.

Medicare, aims to serve with the understanding of always being open to innovations and being a pioneer, aims to produce the medical consumables needed by the sector in high technology and quality in Turkey and present them to the market. We have cooperated with many domestic and foreign companies and established long-term partnership to help cooperation.

We are, which has brought together its experienced, educated and talented staff with a young and dynamic management approach since the first day of its establishment, has provided the best service to the sector with its own branded products and has become one of the leading companies. About our products; immune system boosters, food supplement, shampoo, conditioner, hand and body care lotion, hair and body care oil, glutathione therapy ,surgical gown , nitrile examination glove, respirator masks, protective masks, and every day we add high quality new products to our product range. We have all documents that comply with European Union norms.

Our vision is to be a leader in the distribution of health, cosmetic and
medical supply products and meet our customers’ needs throughout all stages of
their life. We’re 100 percent committed to helping customers find quality
products at an affordable rate.