A medical gown is typically used in a hospital or clinic environment where you might be exposed to microorganisms and particulate matter in a sterile environment. The medical gown is designed to protect personnel and patients from the transfer of these microorganisms and particulate material in a medical environment.

• The product is for single use only. After use please dispose according to local relevant and regulations.
• The flexible cuffs reduce change of skindebris being transferred to patient while maintaining dexterity.
• It does not contain latex.
• The products is used for health pretection in the medical institutions.
• It has ties at back of the neck amd waist.
• It’s also sutable for lab, industry, daily home use.

Soft and comfortable disposable medical gowns; for single use only; made of non woven fabric material for fluid resistance; each gown is packe in one sealed pouch.

Decription Material Style Colors
Medical Disposable Gown 30-40-55 gsm
Long Sleeve, Round Neck, Elastic or Knitted Cuff Blue or White

Excellent Resistance To Bacteria
With strong fluid resistance, it can block protection to provent low to maderate blood penetration and fluid pollution. Reducing the risk of wound contamination and related postoperatibe complications.

Advanced Fabrics
Using the latest advanced non woven fabric technology, the operating gown provides excellent softness in light and breathable aspects; it also has anti-static and oil-repellent functions.

Breathable and Comfortable
Advanced materials provide excellent comfort and vomfort for the wearer. Reasonable design makes the gown capacious and comfortavle and the movement is convenient.

Body Measurement
Size Sleeve Lenght Chest Width Body Lenght
S/M 85 cm 73 cm 120 cm
L-XL 88 cm 76 cm 122 cm
2XL-3XL 91 cm 82 cm 128 cm

The gowns we produce have ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, FDA and CE certificates.