Snug-fitting ambidextrous gloves with textured fingertips for improved grip. These premium quality gloves are latex-free, powder-free, and safe for food handling, sanitation, home, automotive, travel, etc. These superior grip gloves have bare hand sensitivity, so you can wear them when handling touchscreen phones and touch-sensitive devices.

Comfortable fit with textured fingertips for excellent tactile sensitivity. Extraordinary strength, stretchable durability and puncture resistance with premium blue color.

Features smooth external finish and beaded cuff for extra durability.

S – Small Blue 100 Pcs – in paper box
M – Medium
L – Large
XL – Extra Large

The gloves we produce have ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 374-5:2016, ISO 374-1:2016, FDA 510(K) and CE NB2841 certificates.

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